Q: What is Receva?

Receva is the new way to get deliveries to your home. Our smart mailboxes accept your parcels (even those that require a signature) and keep them safe for you when you get home.

Receva verifies and registers couriers in your local area, and provides them with a wireless access key that allows them to deliver to your mailbox.

When a delivery is made, you’ll receive a notification every time letting you know that your parcel has arrived. Through our smartphone app, you’ll be able to delegate access to a trusted friend or family member to collect your parcel.

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Q: When will Receva be available in my area?

A: We are currently accepting pre-orders Australia wide and expect to ship late 2018.


Q: Which delivery drivers does Receva work with?

A: Receva is designed to work with all carriers. If there is a particular delivery company that you would like on the Receva network, click here to let us know. 


Q: Is there a range of styles available?

A: Yes, we offer multiple mailbox designs to suit any home. View available products.


Q: How can I get a locker in my apartment building?

A: You have a choice, you can either provide us with your building manager, body corporate or owners corporation details. Or, if you are unaware of what these are you can provide us with your contact details and we'll come back to you with next steps. To provide us with details, click here. 


Q: Will I have my own dedicated locker in my apartment building?

A: We have a variety of solutions designed for various needs. Having a personal locker will depend on how many apartments are in that building and the desired choice of locker system for that building. 


Q: How do parcels get delivered?

A:  When one of our Receva connected carriers are delivering to your address, they will have secure access to your mailbox or locker. They will load the parcel and you will receive a notification that your delivery has arrived. 


Q: Do I need to change the address on my parcels to get them delivered into the locker?

A: No, just address your parcels as you normally would and they'll be delivered into your Receva mailbox.


Q: Can anyone in my household get deliveries into my locker?

A: Yes, deliveries addressed to your home will be delivered to the mailbox. 


Q: Where should I install my mailbox?

A: Your mailbox is designed to accept both letters and parcels so can be used to replace your existing mailbox. Alternatively, install your mailbox in an easily accessible area at the front of your property for all of your parcel deliveries. Our accredited installers will work with you to determine the best place for installation.



Q: How does the mailbox get installed

A: There are several installation methods for your mailbox.


Tethered - An optional tether can be used to secure your mailbox to a permanent fixture at your address such as a fence or porch railing.


Secured to the ground - Fixtures in the base allow the mailbox to be secured to the ground. Our licensed installers will work with you to determine the best location for installation.

In addition to this, the base of the mailbox is designed to be filled with water to provide added stability and security.


Q: What happens if I move? Can I take my mailbox with me?

A: Yes, your mailbox can work at any address. Just simply update your address details in our smartphone app and we’ll make sure couriers at your new address have access to deliver.


Q: What types of deliveries can be made to my mailbox

A: The Receva mailbox is designed to work with any carrier delivering to your home and can accept parcels that require a signature.


Q: I’m renting – will Receva still work for me?

 A: Yes, your Receva mailbox doesn’t need to be fixed permanently to your property, and can be taken with you if you decide to move.


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